Re: Ruth Gruber (March 4)


Although Mel Yoken wrote a lovely article about Ruth Gruber, I am compelled to correct him on a few facts.

Ruth brought over 982 souls from Italy, and they were definitely not all children.

My mom, Tina Korner, her parents, Schewa and Solomon Korner, and two older sisters, Mina and Regina Korner, were among those who came on the Henry Gibbons. Mom was 22 at the time, her sisters were 32 and nearly 35 and her parents were 60 and 64. And there were many others above the age of 18. Certainly there were children, but they were not the majority.

My mom passed away in 2013. Mom has me, her granddaughter and great-grandson as her descendants. We are ever grateful to Ruth Gruber for all her efforts.

I had the pleasure of escorting my mom to meet her at Brown University. And both my daughter and I went with my mom to see her at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth.

Very best regards to Mel Yoken for writing the story. And to Ruth Gruber, I send my love.

Cindy Halpern, Centerport, N.Y.