Re: Speak out against bigotry (Dec. 23)


The anti-Israel, anti-Trump opinion article by the Brown student was deeply offensive to me. 

I admit I am an old fogey, but I can remember when young men his age were being discharged after WWII, and rushing to help Israel fight – and die for – its independence, not echoing the anti-Israel party line of J-Street.

How can there be a two-state solution when the other party does not recognize Israel and wants to drive its people into the sea? Is there any doubt that the world is still ready to stand by if another Holocaust occurs?

Can anyone justify President Barack Obama using his personal pique with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to allow the U.N. votes against Israel, America’s ally, and the only democracy in the Middle East?

I have voted in a good many elections and held my nose after some of them. But I have never seen such insulting reactions as we are seeing today, especially by these wet-behind-the-ears kids who have yet to experience the vicissitudes of life.

Please give Israel the support it needs in an anti-Semitic world. Put an end to all the vitriol, give our new president a chance and let us get on with our lives.

Jerrold Winer 

Yarmouth Port, MA