Re: The assimilationist Voice


Judaism speaks to me in the voice of faith, fear of heaven, Torah study, commandments, marital fidelity, Sabbath observance, kashrut, the holiness of the promised land of Israel, tzedaka and justice.

The Jewish Voice speaks to me in the assimilationist language of the liberal Democrat, with ideals of abortion rights, pressuring Israel to give up land to enemies, gay marriage, confiscation of private property by the government to give to various voting blocks, and approval by our non-Jewish neighbors. As a Hanukkah reminder, the Maccabees did not fight only against the Greek armies. They fought against the Hellenist assimilation of Jews during their time.

Sometimes, the Voice has an article about continuity. Are these concerns about whether our community will continue to follow Jewish practices or that all Jews should become liberal Democrats? I wish the Voice spoke more in the language of Jewish observance rather than its liberal political agenda. That would be a Voice I would welcome.

Farrel I. Klein