RE: Voice reader challenges Klein


In his letter “The assimilationist Voice” in the November 8 edition of the Jewish Voice, Farrel I. Klein bemoans what he perceives the Jewish Voice has become.  His letter accuses the Jewish Voice of becoming a vehicle with which to further liberal Democratic causes.

Klein forgets, or perhaps never knew, it was the liberal Democratic Party and its liberal agenda that advanced the causes of America’s ethnic, racial and religious minorities.  I don’t know of any decent person who would want to go back to the old Republican robber baron days.

For Klein’s information, the dictionary describes “liberal” as generous, unprejudiced, charitable, open-minded and progressive – qualities that define most of my Jewish friends.  “Conservatism,” on the other hand, is depicted as bigoted, mean-spirited, intolerant and greedy!

If Mr. Klein wants to align himself with the Republican party, then he has a problem and not the Jewish Voice.

Anthony D’Abrosca