Rebelle’s bagels go Kosher


As of May 19, Rebelle Artisan Bagels started to produce Kosher bagels on an ongoing basis. Rebelle’s owner, Milena Pagan, partnered with Rabbi Barry Dolinger and Lighthouse Kosher in order to ensure that all of Rebelle’s bagels and many of their cream cheeses are Kosher.


According to Rabbi Dolinger, they are “absolutely 100% Kosher according to Jewish law.” Pagan stated that Rebelle does “still work with pork and non-Kosher products,” but also that “we take great care in avoiding cross-contamination with separate, Kosher-only utensils and proper sanitary practices.” Dolinger supported Pagan’s statement, saying that “we’ve instituted policies and procedures both fully compliant with normal halakhah (Jewish law) and practically manageable and fail-safe that will ensure Kosher products for the community.”

WHERE: 110 Doyle Ave., Providence

PHONE:  401-349-1263.