Saving at the grocery store


In today’s unpredictable economy, it’s never been more important to watch every dollar.

• Review your last grocery bill. Did you really need to buy the latest issue of People magazine?

• Check the circulars. It may not be productive to drive all over town to find the cheapest bananas (unless you really love bananas!). Review the weekly store circulars and determine what is worth buying on sale.

• Make a list and stick to it. After you’ve browsed the circulars, make a list and commit to it. There’s no savings if you planned on buying $50 worth of meat, fish and poultry and wound up spending an additional $15 on junk food.

Stock up. Even if you don’t need a non-perishable item, but it’s a product you use regularly and it’s on sale, buy it.

• Comparison shop. Brand loyalty isn’t always a good thing. Certain private- or generic-label items are as good as the brand name, and you’ll end up paying a lot less.

• Pay attention to the unit price. This is the amount you are paying per weight  or piece. It may be worthwhile to spend $1.99 on the 32 ounce bag and freeze what you don’t use.

Plan your menu each week. This, in addition to sticking to the list, will help you save money and cut down on impulse spending.