Simple vegetables make a spectacular presentation


The cooking team from Afula, Israel, prepared dishes that were as attractive as they were tasty. They shared the recipe for the following dish, which is simple to prepare and makes a spectacular presentation. Since their recipe was scanty on directions, additional information has been included in brackets. And while the recipe makes 45 servings, it can easily be adjusted to make fewer servings.

Veggie Patch on a Plate


10 large whole cauliflowers

30 sweet bell peppers, assorted colors

10 red onions

15 sweet potatoes

15 zucchinis

3 garlic bulbs

2 packages fresh thyme

Olive oil

Mustard seeds


Black pepper


[Preheat oven to 425 degrees.]

Mix all the seasonings with the olive oil. Cut up all the vegetables, except the cauliflower, and apply the seasonings. Cook [on sheet pans or cookie sheets] until soft and brown on the edges.

[Use the photo, above, as a guide on how to slice the vegetables. Some vegetables cook faster than others – keeping them separate on your pans will allow you to remove them as they are ready. Check the veggies every 10 minutes or so, removing those that have finished cooking and stirring any that look like they’re drying out. You can also toss the cooked veggies – except the cauliflower – in a small amount of olive oil before serving. Serve cold.]