Thank you Rep. Mia Ackerman


I am writing to publicly thank Rep. Mia Ackerman for passing HB 7736, better known as the Rhode Island anti-Boycott, Divestment and Sanction Law (anti-BDS Law). The bill passed overwhelmingly and has received notoriety and kudos from newspapers across the country and throughout Israel.  

While it is “nation neutral,” its greatest impact will be on prohibiting any individual or company that seeks to do business with Rhode Island from engaging in economic warfare with Israel, or any other Rhode Island trading partner with favored nation status.

Mia has been a stalwart in the Jewish community. While her district is located in Cumberland and Lincoln, her impact has been felt statewide. Mia has been the sponsor of legislation that supports our community, as well as the State of Israel. She has worked with the Jewish Alliance, and both its Community Relations Council and Israel Task Force, in sponsoring resolutions ensuring that our Jewish history and the State of Israel are recognized and honored. Mia, having ascended to the position of Deputy Majority Leader, has the knowledge and gravitas to get things done. We are blessed to have her represent all of our collective interests.

Pro-Israel groups across the country have already published articles about the importance of this Rhode Island legislation. Further illustrating the bill’s impact, within hours of its passage, the major Israel newspapers reported that Rhode Island is now included in the tally of U. S. states standing up for the State of Israel with anti-BDS legislation. For greater Rhode Island, this is a pro-business bill.  As Mia said, “Rhode Island is at a crossroads and we need to reinvigorate our economy. This is especially true of our new high-tech and other knowledge-based industries. Today’s interdependent global economies require that trade policy be developed both at the national and state level. This includes the State of Israel which is one of our greatest trading partners and the only democratic, non-discriminatory country in the Middle East.” With Mia’s leadership, Rhode Island just sent a clear message to the Israel business community that they are welcome in Rhode Island.

Yasher koach Rep. Mia Ackerman, a Jewish, community and state leader of whom we can all be proud.

Jeffrey Gladstone, Esq.

President of StandWithUs Rhode Island