Thanks to our allies in the Christian community


Jeff Gladstone’s letter “Thank You Rep. Mia Ackerman” (June 24) was timely and on target. The community should also be aware that a major contributing factor to the passage of the anti-BDS bill H-7736 through the General Assembly came from several local pro-Israel Christian community groups, namely Christians United for Israel, Concerned Christians for Israel, Latino Pastors for Israel and Liberians for Israel. These groups did journeymen’s work in collecting and submitting over 100 letters each to state senators and representatives, as well as formulating a signed petition to Gov. Raimondo to sign the bill once passed. In addition, they mounted a substantial telephone campaign to General Assembly members June 15-17, when the bill was on the floor of the House and the Senate.

Rep. Mia Ackerman herself has expressed her gratitude publicly, as reported in the online news site In part, she stated. “The Jewish people as a whole are totally on board with action against the BDS movement, as are many Christian groups, to my surprise. I cannot believe how many people came forward in support.”

Our community doesn’t have a history rich with allies, and we should always recognize those who step up in support of Judeo-Christian values, the Jewish people and Israel.

Esta Barcahona

Howard Brown

Sy Dill

Stan Freedman

Jeff Gladstone

Yuri Japhet

Russell Raskin

Barry Schiller

Ken Schneider

Roberta Schneider

Dave Talan