The Kosher Senior Café at the Dwares JCC is back


After 18 month of construction we moved back to the Dwares JCC on Oct. 1. The Seniors and our staff are really excited the enjoy being back in our beautiful  new facilities. But before the euphoria sets in let’s take a minute to look back at the amazing community we just left.

For 18 months the Kosher Senior Café, flourished in our temporary space at Temple Emanu-El. This would never have been possible without the amazing support of the entire Temple Emanu-El community.


Rabbis Franklin, Zerin and Kaunfer for leading discussions on Jewish life and learning.

Thank You!

Steve and the maintenance staff, who work tirelessly to keep the temple looking great.

Thank You!

Paul and the entire office staff, because everyone knows who really runs things.

Thank You!

Cornelius and everyone from Accounting for Taste, for delivering great food to the seniors hot every day.

Thank You!

All our volunteers and staff were moved deeply by the generosity of spirit and time that went into helping us run our program at Temple Emanu-El.

Thank You!

I cannot end this thank you note without saying thank you for all the support we get from the Jewish Alliance, their supporters, the staff at the Dwares JCC, Patty Harwood and everyone at Jewish Family Service. Go Team!

The staff, volunteers, guests of the Kosher Senior Café and I …

Thank you!

Neal Drobnis

Coordinator of Kosher Nutrition Jewish Family Service of RI


All are invited to visit the Kosher Senior Café, Monday through Friday 11-2 at the Dwares JCC, Providence or the Kosher Senior Café at Temple Sinai, Cranston. All programs are free and open to the public. Reservations for lunch are required two days in advance. Call 401-421-4111, ext. 107