Thoughtful gift ideas for dads and grads


StatePoinT –  Whether you’re shopping for Father’s Day or celebrating the accomplishments of a graduating senior, make a point of selecting thoughtful, unforgettable gifts this “dads and grads” season. Here are five ideas to get you started.

1. The gift that keeps on giving. These days, there are monthly subscription boxes for just about everything. From stylish socks to slick grooming tools to jazz records to fine wine, take stock of your gift recipient’s interests and needs and give a gift that keeps on giving.

2. The gift of form and function. A timepiece upgrade makes for a sophisticated yet functional gift that will keep your recipient on time for all appointments. Check out connected timepieces, which feature “smartphone link” capability. Pairing with the wearer’s smartphone, some watches can access the correct time for over 300 cities worldwide. Users also have the capability to swap their specified home time and world time, as well as update alarms and other time settings. By automatically syncing with a time server four times daily, the watch ensures ultimate accuracy.

3. The gift of your company. A pair of event tickets is a great way to show your dad or grad that you want to spend time together. Whether it’s a day at the ballpark or your favorite band is coming to town, scope out the perfect event to attend together.


4. The gift of entertainment. Is your dad or grad’s entertainment center in need of an upgrade? Consider gifting a projector for better gaming and movie nights. For a mercury-free option, check out those which combine a laser and LED light source for high-brightness and energy efficiency, using half the amount of power per unit as its traditional lamp-based counterparts. Some reach full brightness in as fast as five seconds and feature Intelligent Light Control to automatically adjust the projection brightness according to ambient light. This innovative feature will ensure that movie fans have spectacular visuals any time of day and in any lighting conditions.

5. The gift of music. Has your gift recipient always wanted to play piano? Gift the tools needed for success. For beginner keyboard players, one good option for learning at home is a portable keyboard featuring a Step-Up Lesson System that displays proper music notation and correct hand positioning, allowing beginners to learn songs at their own pace. Most keyboards reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments such as guitar, drums, bass, brass, wind instruments, string ensembles and more. Additionally, they may include an extensive library of 600 tones and 195 rhythms.