Why not form a community committee?


The JCC made an excellent decision when it changed its name to the Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island several years ago. The goal was to represent and reflect the entire Jewish community in Rhode Island.

However, on many vital Jewish and current political issues affecting both state and national concerns, only a few select people, either elected, appointed or staff actually are the “Deciders.”

In the past, in another state, I was a member of what was called a Town-Wide Committee. Every organization in town sent a delegate (or the president) to represent it on this committee. It met several times a year and was consulted for recommendations when major town issues and decisions were being discussed.

To be a truly inclusive “Alliance,” I would like to suggest the formation of a “State-Wide Jewish Committee” to collaborate and vote on any major “Alliance” pronouncement or proclamation. All recognized Jewish organizations would be invited to participate. This could truly be a democratic and effective way for reflecting the thinking of the “entire” community.

Judi Dill 

Providence, RI