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There’s a hefty insert in today’s paper. We’re welcoming 5776 at The Voice with our popular Guide to Jewish Living. When you picked up your paper, you probably noticed the annual guide to all things Jewish in Rhode Island and Southeastern … more
Introspection is such a difficult concept. What does it really mean? According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, it’s a noun meaning the examination of your own thoughts or feelings. Not too complicated; easy to understand, right? … more
When I started as editor of The Voice, there was a small staff already in place. Leah Camara had years of experience working for the Federation, and then moving to The Voice where she has been in charge of layout and design. For me, her knowledge of … more
What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time, we were planning an issue filled with news from Israel: Operation Protective Edge was underway. Despite the international nature of the story, our coverage was personal and local. There was … more
Just like many of us, The Voice takes a bit of a summer vacation. We’ve been following this – or a similar – schedule for a couple of years. It makes some sense. People go away. Advertising is more difficult to sell in the summer. And there … more
I have witnessed a number of  “rites of passage” in the last few weeks. Late spring is the season for such things. First, my nephew walked down the hill, and then up the hill as he graduated from Brown, a graduation process steeped in … more
If you have more nights than usual scheduled with meetings that you absolutely have to attend this month, then you know it’s annual meeting season. Geraldine Foster wrote about the history of these annual meetings in our last edition. More … more
Finally we are seeing prolonged signs of spring … consistently warm temperatures, flowering trees everywhere, longer days. People are out in their yards cleaning up and planting. Community gardens are coming to life. I love being able to … more
We are part of a small network of “niche” newspapers in the United States. You might even call us exclusive. We are a Jewish newspaper. It’s in our mission statement, and it’s proudly part of our name. There’s no mistaking the readership … more
The Passover story that we read year after year is an inspirational tale. I was reminded last week that it’s one we should really listen to and not just repeat as if by rote, trying to stay awake until the fish is served. That started me thinking … more
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