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October 25 — 31, 2020

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Tuesday, October 27

Temple Emanu-El Delve Deeper "The Lost Books of the Bible"

7:30 PM
In the third to first centuries BCE, Jews wrote a number of books that, although in a biblical style, did not make it into our Bible. Many of these are preserved in what is known as the Apocrypha, …

Project Shoresh "48 Ways to Wisdom" with Rabbi Naftali Karp

7:45 PM
This most famous and impactful course: The 48 Ways to Wisdom. Tens of thousands of Jews from all walks of life have benefited from Rav Noach Weinberg's groundbreaking series. Classes are free and …

Wednesday, October 28

Project Shoresh Jewish YP Shmuz

7:15 PM
Hey, Jewish Young Professionals! Shmuz, snack, have a beer and discuss something high level with a nice group of Jewish Young Professionals. Check it out on Facebook! Click …

Temple Emanu-El "Mishnah Beit Midrash–Massekhet Pesahim"

7:30 PM
Have you ever wanted to study traditional Jewish texts in the original Hebrew but weren’t sure how? Do you want to experience traditional Beit Midrash-style learning with a hevruta (study …

Thursday, October 29

A Tour through the Torah at Temple Sinai

7:30 PM
Rabbi Goldwasser is teaching an adult education course, "A Tour through the Torah," on four Thursday nights at 7:30 PM, starting on October 22. Come for a walk through the actual writing of a Torah scroll as we explore the traditions of large …

Project Shoresh Parsha Powwow with Rabbi Naftali Karp

7:30 PM
Thursdays 7:30PM We’ll examine the weekly Torah reading & and you’ll be amazed at how topical and relevant the Parsha’s (weekly Torah reading) ideas and concepts really are. Both mystical and pragmatic, this session will truly elevate your …

Friday, October 30

Temple Emanu-El "Parashah HaShavua"

8:30 AM
Join Rabbi Alvan Kaunfer for a weekly study session to discuss highlights from the Torah portion of the week. This weekly discussion takes place on Friday mornings after Z'man Kodesh: Daily Minyan Alternative Experience. All are welcome! …

Saturday, October 31

Temple Sinai Torah Study via Zoom

10:00 AM
Please join Rabbi Jeffrey Goldwasser and congregants of Temple Sinai each Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. for Torah study. Please find the Zoom link for these very interesting interactive discussions at the temple website ( and …

October 25 — 31, 2020