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When the U.S. Congress was drafting, debating and ratifying the Second Amendment back in the late 1700s, they could have never imagined the advances in technology, weaponry and warfare that comprise … more
This past February, a group of Nazis interrupted a book reading at the Red Ink Community Library, yelling slurs and pushing Nazi symbols to intimidate members of our community. Just a few weeks ago, … more
Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever have recently canceled their plans to boycott the sale of their products in Judea and Samaria (aka West Bank), Israel.  This is a major … more
Both Mr. Padwa and Mr. Klein [July 2022] point to the fact that mass shootings don’t happen at hard targets such as gun shows or police stations and advance the notion that the solution to … more
Certainly we would like a world where people bent on mayhem and murder could not get their hands on a gun. In a nation of an estimated 400 million guns that are not going away, and 335 million … more
As religion has waned in the culture, various scientific and political fashions have become new faiths. These faiths create new sins, preach end-time warnings about death and destruction of the earth … more
(JTA) – General Mills announced Tuesday it would be fully divesting from a business venture in Israel that had operated in an East Jerusalem settlement, in a move pro-Palestinian activists … more
I was thrilled to hear that Bret Stephens would be speaking in Rhode Island. I was certainly present for the talk [on May 19]. He spoke beautifully and said all the things I have been saying and … more
It feels like a violation of a safe Jewish community space when antisemitic Op-Eds find their way in. Ms. Nina Tannenwald has written to this paper a number of times, and recently targeted Jews in … more
Nina Tannenwald (March 2022) uses the specious argument that consensus among leftist groups critical of Israel is proof of malfeasance. Israel is a democracy with Arabs having full rights to vote and … more
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