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“These precious days”: Remember those lyrics to the popular old song sung by Walter Huston? It seems right as I report on the past and our hopes for the new year. We got down to … more
I earned a laugh long ago when I made the following kvetch to my “boss,” the head of my department at the Rhode Island School of Design: “All seasons are depressing, each for a … more
I read too much meaning in everything, I know it. So, I am searching for the significance of one single blossom, which I am eyeing to pluck and put in a vase to stare at come breakfast, … more
I met Paulette at a rooftop party in Boston when she was a senior at Brandeis. She had used reparation money to tool around in a crimson sports coupe and, as I recall, she took me on as a passenger … more
A neighbor, an “aunt,” a second cousin, a friend, a companion: Who, and what, to me, was Edith? She lived on my street, uphill at a corner, and was related to me on both my … more
My all-time favorite part of Passover comes at the close of the seder: the singing of “Chad Gadya.” You know the lyrics: A father pays two zuzim for “one little goat”; a … more
Dopey was my favorite dwarf until recently. But now it’s Grumpy who appeals to me. My next purchase will be socks that proudly declare that I’m a grouchy grandpa. To begin: I … more
I grew up with “1001 Famous Poems,” a leather-bound collection of verses that was a gift from a school librarian to my dad. The volume contained an ode by Sir Walter Scott to the … more
Once upon a long time ago, in my boyhood, we burned firewood on our hearth here at home. Especially on Sunday evenings. We boys gathered sticks as kindling from the fallen branches of the … more
I’ve been going around saying “bad photos are better than good ones.” Now, what do I mean by that? Well, I came across piles of pictures my dad had taken, from a distance, while … more
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