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It was either a brilliant editorial decision or just a wonderful coincidence that this issue of Jewish Rhode Island, dedicated to Home and Garden, coincides with the Torah portion of … more
June 1967 Dear Mom and Dad, Camp is FABULOUS! Actually, my amazing journey started before I even got here. The plane from San Antonio made a stop in New Orleans and blew a tire while … more
Vayekhi is the last parashah of the book of Genesis. Genesis, as we all know, begins with the creation of the universe and culminates with the creation of human beings. By the time the book of … more
The Torah portion Vayetze describes Jacob’s vision of a ladder stretching between heaven and Earth: “He dreamed, and lo – a stairway was set on the ground with its top reaching to … more
In parashah Lech Lecha, Abraham is invited by God to leave his country, his homeland, the city of his birth, to travel into the unknown and begin a new nation and religion.  Not so unusual … more
All seven days we treat our sukkah as our regular dwelling and our house as our occasional dwelling. – Mishnah Sukkah 2:9There is an odd sense of peace that comes over me during … more
After weeks of tireless watering, I realized that my many tomato plants had yielded only a few tiny, wizened cherry tomatoes. In fact, my garden as a whole had very little to show for the gallons of … more
This week’s Torah portion, the first parashah of the fifth book, Devarim – literally “words,” but often translated as “Deuteronomy” – serves as a background … more
Years ago, I was at a party at the home of some friends. Several of us were sitting on a couch as their five-year-old child was playing noisily with some toys by our feet. The person next to me told … more
Moish and Sara were clearing the old clothes from their closets. “Hey, look what I found in the pocket of one of your suits!” Sara called out, holding a claim ticket in her … more
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