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Sunday, April 5

Blogging has always been a hobby of mine, or at least I’d like to think it is. I’ve started three blogs in my lifetime, and I do very much enjoy writing out my thoughts. But, like most of my other hobbies, the blogs get pushed aside or forgotten about when life gets in the way. Currently, my blogs are just sitting in cyberspace waiting for a playwright to stumble upon them and make me famous.



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Monday, September 14

WEDDING – Daniel Freeman and Danielle Silberman were married on July 5,  in Asheville, North Carolina. Daniel is the son of Lisa and Ron Freeman of West Warwick and Danielle is the …


Wedding – Lauren Steingold and Jake Makler were married on Aug. 10, 2019, in Santa Barbara, California. They recently celebrated their first anniversary. Lauren is the daughter of Joyce and …

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We Are Read in Israel

We Are Read in Israel – Barry, Ellen, Mitchell and Eddye Golden of East Greenwich were in Jerusalem for the new year.


WE ARE READ IN Morocco –  Having said kaddish for her mother earlier during the morning service, Karen Borger (second from right) is joined at Synagogue Lazama (built in 1492) by her …


What to do with leftover haroset? Try this chicken with thyme recipe.

Sunday, April 5

The Nosher via JTA – Haroset is one of the most important food components of the Passover seder. Its intense sweetness symbolizes optimism,  contrasting with the bitter maror and salty …
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Rosh Hashanah in the time of pandemic

Every year, I take some time for reflection right about now. We are, after all, in the month of Elul, which leads us to the High Holy Days.  Reflection and introspection are part of what many of …

Embrace the new normal – for now

I wish I could assure you that this will be my last correspondence about life on hold. But I’m pretty sure there will be more in the months to come. Regular readers might notice that from my …