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Have you ever felt judged for how you celebrate Judaism?

Sunday, February 16

We asked members of the Rhode Island Jewish community to weigh in on this important topic. We hope you will join the conversation.
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Thoughtful opinions and civil discourse have a home here

Friday, September 6, 2019

Newspapers have always been a place where community gathers – a town square of sorts. They are a place where people learn what is happening, hear the opinions of their neighbors, celebrate joys and recount tragedies.

d'Var Torah

Doing our part to ensure that freedom continues

The first Pesach seder is on April 8 this year. It is traditionally spent with family and friends. Some congregations celebrate the first or second seder as a community. This year, the COVID-19 …

The hidden meaning of Purim

Redeeming the bones of Joseph

Blessings are central to our traditions

Editor's column

We are down, but not out

Last month, when I started my column by asking if spring would ever be the same, I had no way of knowing what that question would come to mean. When we started to put together last month’s …

Will spring be the same this year?

Do you remember?

A new decade is cause for reflection

Many opportunities for civil discourse

Mike Fink

In our chemically altered landscape, signs of Eden

“Privilege.” What does it mean?  The help at Frenchman’s Creek – a manicured and gated community in Florida’s Palm Beach – come from such …

Letters to the editor

Double standard? West Bank controversy continued

Sunday, March 8

With respect to the most recent letters regarding the “West Bank Controversy,” I would respectfully add the following. Dr. Tannenwald has a history in writings and podcasts of giving …

West Bank controversy

Wednesday, January 8

In his defense of the legality of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Stephen Snow (December 2019) parrots Israeli government talking points.  Snow is entitled to share the Israeli …

From the archives

A R.I. claim to fame: The Third Seder and The Passover Journal

Histadrut, the Israeli labor organization, was founded in December 1920 at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology, in Haifa. It brought smaller unions together under one umbrella covering all Jewish workers in Mandatory Palestine.

So many wonderful memories in my personal history …

An unsung American journalist is Righteous Among the Nations

Purim – how sweet it is!