It’s our shared responsibility to fight hate

Our state’s motto is simply “Hope.” For many right now, feelings of hope may feel distant and difficult to achieve. But we must remember, we all have a responsibility to one …

From the publisher

A plan to create a stronger Jewish community

Friday, October 2

In December 2019 I sat in a Newport living room with more than 25 members of our community, and I listened. The group was diverse in age, diverse in denomination, and diverse in politics and …

d'Var Torah

We are commanded to rejoice

Here we stand, mourning 200,000 lives lost to COVID, surrounded by the divisiveness of an ugly election year, fully feeling the weight of pandemic life that continues to weigh us down.  Now, …

Looking forward to the High Holy Days

A timeless message from the Exodus

Life passes by speedily: Use this time wisely

Editor's column

A call to action: Make your voice heard

Do you have election fatigue? Left vs. right; accusations, fake news and lies; Russian and Chinese misinformation; sorting through mixed and confusing messages. Are you ready to shut down and …

Rosh Hashanah in the time of pandemic

Embrace the new normal – for now

Keeping up with the news

Hope amid the horrors

Mike Fink

There’s more to Columbus than meets the eye

Did you know that a pigeon is a dove and that the word “columbus” means just that in Latin, the bird that makes a cooing, melancholy melody over all the continents and builds …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

‘For my sake was the world created!’

Friday, October 2

Edgar Allan Poe foretold COVID-19

Thursday, September 3

A miracle of intimacy

Friday, August 7

Fixing broken America

Friday, July 3

Our three Israels

Friday, June 5

Larry Kessler

Ups and downs of the ‘new normal’

Friday, October 2

In the summer of 2019, well before our lives were upended by the seemingly never-ending “new normal,” I wrote a column about how my wife and I were about to become empty-nesters. At that …

From the archives

A brief history of our JCC

The Jewish Welfare Board, the former national association of Jewish community centers, surveyed the facilities and programs of the Providence JCC, on Benefit Street, in 1934. Highlighted in the final …

Memories of the 1938 hurricane

Providence JCCs from years gone by

A street, a venue, apartment houses: The story behind their names