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How is the coronavirus impacting your life?

Friday, April 17

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted virtually every aspect of our lives, so we felt it was the right topic for this month's "The Conversation." "The Conversation” features two perspectives on a single topic that we feel has meaning to our community. We’ve asked two community members to share their perspectives on coronavirus and how it has impacted them. …
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Thoughtful opinions and civil discourse have a home here

Friday, September 6, 2019

Newspapers have always been a place where community gathers – a town square of sorts. They are a place where people learn what is happening, hear the opinions of their neighbors, celebrate joys and recount tragedies.

d'Var Torah

A timeless message from the Exodus

Have you ever pretended that you were one of the Israelites during the 40-year Exodus? Not a pleasant thought, perhaps. After all, if you were an adult at the beginning of the journey, it meant that …

Life passes by speedily: Use this time wisely

Grieving our losses – and envisioning the next chapter of Jewish life

Have faith that better times are ahead

Editor's column

Embrace the new normal – for now

I wish I could assure you that this will be my last correspondence about life on hold. But I’m pretty sure there will be more in the months to come. Regular readers might notice that from my …

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Hope amid the horrors

Just another day in quarantine

We are down, but not out

Mike Fink

Congratulations to Anna Prager on her noble and honest autobiography

She lives near me in summertime, along Narrow River in South Kingstown.  I would read her name as a board member of Save the Bay and always thought, “I should meet up with Anna ... …

Rabbi James Rosenberg

A miracle of intimacy

Yesterday at 2:47 PM

Fixing broken America

Friday, July 3

Our three Israels

Friday, June 5

The privilege of social distancing

Thursday, April 30

‘Crossing the uncrossable barrier’

Sunday, April 5

Larry Kessler

Keeping the faith in better times ahead

Friday, June 5

As we head into a summer without many of our favorite activities and events, it might seem a strange time to count our blessings – but it’s worth doing as we strive to maintain a sense of …

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Providence JCCs from years gone by

Before the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center opened its doors on Elmgrove Avenue in Providence, there was a JCC on Sessions Street – which replaced the JCC at 65 Benefit …

A street, a venue, apartment houses: The story behind their names

Remembrances of lost pleasures

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