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Aging, it is widely believed, enhances one’s store of anecdotes, – while decreasing their accuracy – increases the numbers of hairs turned white and provides stand-up comics with yet another source of jokes. Aging, in essence, is believed by … more
We are taught at an early age that there is nothing more precious than the sanctity of a good name. And further, that a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches (Proverbs 22:1). A family, a sect member, even a nation, may hold someone in … more
American citizens read more newspapers and observe the news on TV/radio more avidly than the citizens of any other nation. An issue that captures our attention is the emergence of a new disease, especially if it is contagious and arises in an … more
The world cowers as it now confronts yet another pestilence originating in some remote forest. In recent years, humanity has been affronted by a succession of alien infectious diseases, novel forms of environmental intoxication and eccentric ways of … more
Leviticus, the third book of the Bible, provided the ancient Hebrews with an instructional manual during their years of wandering. Some of these guidelines pertained to ways of maintaining the health and integrity of this nomadic community: … more
Primitive societies invested much labor in growing or otherwise obtaining food. Drought, insect depredation and war periodically threatened the community’s food supply, making food central to tribal survival. And on those infrequent occasions … more
The travails of newly arrived immigrants and the tragedies that marked their first few decades in the slums of lower Manhattan are well-documented by writers who placed more faith in authentic documentation than in nuanced mythology. There are, … more
The English translation of the Bible, often referred to as the King James Version (KJV) of 1611, brought the noun, corruption, and particularly its verb, corrupt, into the mainstream of ethical discourse and community standards. Corruption had then … more
Amusement was not on the required roster of life’s essentials for the tenement dwellers of New York City during the depression years of 1929-’39. The word amusement was then applied narrowly, describing parks in such shady enclaves as Coney … more
It was once said, in the distant past, that an adolescent son should be advised to seek entrance to the profession of medicine if his morals were too malleable for the clergy, his stamina too fragile for the military and his arithmetical skills too … more
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