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Jason Sugarman turns his Jewish deli dream into Maven’s

Friday, June 7

A peppy pink sign beckons from the far end of the Blackstone Place parking lot, in Pawtucket: At long last, Maven’s Delicatessen is here. The glinting glass doors of the “Authentic Jewish Deli” open every day at 8 a.m. Spindles of bagels jut out from a wall. Blown-up vintage photos hang above the booths. A sign advertises “Mahjong Mondays.” A quote from the writer Damon Runyon is prominently stenciled across the dining room: “There are two types of people in the world, those who love delis and those you shouldn’t associate with.”

Israel connection

Friday, June 7

Many in Rhode Island will remember Maor Mintz, camp shaliach in 2013 and 2014. He and his family live near the Gaza border on Kibbutz Holit. Nitza Attali shared these photos with Jewish Rhode Island …

Departing shaliach Elihay Skital reflects on his eventful 2 years in R.I.

Friday, June 7

Elihay Skital, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s shaliach (emissary from Israel), will be completing his two-year shlichut (mission) at the end of June. …

Aerial banner flies over Brown graduation

Sunday, May 26

Did you see the airplane trailing a banner high over the East Side of Providence Sunday? Wonder what it meant? The Rhode Island Coalition for Israel along with a group of Brown alumni arranged …
Headlines from Israeli newspapers

Goal, and peace, keepers: Israeli Kibbutzniks, Bedouin and evacuees unite for soccer tourney

To maintain tradition and sanity, residents of Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, the village of Ka'abiyye and evacuees from Nahal Oz united for a soccer tournament. Everyone was a winner

A Celebration of Jewish Culture

Friday, June 7

PROVIDENCE – Bright blue skies and warm temperatures on June 2 made for the perfect day for the inaugural Jewish Culture Fest, held inside and outside the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish …
D'var Torah

Shavuot, the Torah and the sound of silence

Friday, June 7

“On the first day of the second month, in the second year following the exodus from the Land of Mitzrayim, the Lord spoke to Moshe in the wilderness of Sinai, in the Tent of Meeting, saying…”  (Numbers 1:1)

Editor's column

Change is in the air

June always seems like a month of transitions to me. There are school graduations and moving up a level in a sports league. Organizations hold their annual meetings. Your son or daughter or …

Pollen and pets and patrons

L’dor vador: Our traditions keep us close

Spring is in the air!

The editor’s life, in all its messiness

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Myrna Rosen, 93

Monday, June 17

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Monday, June 17

Jason Golditch, 56

Monday, June 17

Annette Friedman, 92

Wednesday, May 22

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Wednesday, May 22

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Tuesday, April 16

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Tuesday, April 16

These are hard times for any of us who are struggling to develop or to continue our relationship with God. To echo the words of the Irish poet William Butler Yeats: “Things fall apart; the …
Letters to the Editor

Jewish American Heritage Month

Friday, June 7

Jewish American Heritage Month , celebrated in May, is meant to highlight Jewish history and connections with America. Jewish history in the United States traces its origins to 1492 Spain, when …

Disputing the professor

Friday, April 5

Professor Nina Tannenwald consistently finds ways to criticize Israel. As soon as I see her name in the byline [March 2024], I know it will be a hit piece. Israel is in a dangerous neighborhood. The …

Disapproval not our role

Friday, April 5

I am dismayed by Rabbi Rosenberg’s disapproving tone [March 2024] when he speaks of Israel’s retaliation in the Israel-Hamas war.  How can American Jews feel justified in …

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Mouthwatering dairy recipes for Shavuot

Friday, June 7

Shavuot is coming , at sundown on June 11, and to many of us, that means dairy! Cheesecake, blintzes and noodle kugels are traditional choices, but this year, why not add something delicious and …

Celebrate spring with brunch favorites

Friday, May 10

Family Features — Few things go together quite like fresh spring air, warm sunshine and a menu made up of delicious brunch bites. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or simply gathering your …

Other news
Alliance marks 13 years at annual meeting

PROVIDENCE – On June 10, 2024, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island held its 13th annual meeting in the Baxt Social Hall at the Dwares Jewish Community Center. …

JCS hosts inaugural Volunteer Appreciation Event

WARWICK – The atmosphere at Tamarisk Senior Living was electric as Jewish Collaborative Services hosted its first-ever JCS-wide Volunteer Appreciation Event recently. …

RIJHA shines a spotlight on Hahn Memorial

PROVIDENCE – National Park Ranger Andrew Schnetzer gave an engaging talk about the Hahn Memorial, in the Roger Williams National Memorial, during the Rhode Island Jewish Historical …

Jewish R.I. theater critic to be featured author/speaker at ‘Behind the Book’ event

PROVIDENCE – On July 16, the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island’s “Behind the Book” series will feature Bob Abelman, author of “All the World’s a Stage …