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Mayor Smiley takes steps to fight antisemitism

Sunday, December 3

PROVIDENCE – Mayor Brett Smiley is working hard to be proactive in the fight against antisemitism in the city and to encourage dialogue throughout the community. He says he wants all residents of Providence to feel safe, and he’s especially focused on the Jewish community …

Long-awaited Jewish deli opens in Pawtucket

Sunday, December 3

It’s the deli you’ve been waiting for! After much buzz and a number of setbacks, the long-awaited Maven’s Delicatessen opens Dec. 3. The space at 727 East Ave., Pawtucket, is …

Try these resources when talking to your children about the current conflict

Tuesday, October 10

As we all continue to process the events in Israel, PJ Library offers resources to help parents navigate topics that may be difficult to discuss with young children.

Headlines from Israeli newspapers

450 Hamas targets struck in Gaza over last day

IDF continues military operation in Khan Yunis on 63rd day of the war.

Up Front

Lindsay Kuhn has found her dream career: Helping others find theirs

Friday, December 1

If anyone has seriously debated what to do with their career, it’s Lindsay Kuhn. The 43-year-old entrepreneur takes an interest in everything, and she has found success as a student, teacher, …
D'var Torah

We too often view criticism as disloyalty

Friday, December 1

Harvard Prof. Shaye J.D. Cohen identifies the Maccabean Revolt against Greek King Antiochus IV Epiphanes, which began in 167 B.C.E., as “history’s first recorded struggle for relgious …

An evening of Jewish reflections on Chinese food

Sunday, December 3

PROVIDENCE – The Arts Emanu-El Committee at Temple Emanu-El   is excited to announce a screening of the documentary film “Meet and Eat at Lee’s Garden” on Dec. 23, with kosher pre-film Chinese appetizers …

Editor's column

Spread light during this dark December

As I write this column, we face continuing troubles worldwide. In the Middle East, Israel and Hamas have agreed to a short pause in the fighting, which will probably be over by the time you read …

What binds Jews together is stronger than our disagreements

Something for everyone in our online community calendar

The joy of gathering together

New England summers aren’t what they used to be

Respect every Jewish journey


Annette Greenfeld, 92

Tuesday, November 14

Sanford Kirshenbaum, 89

Tuesday, November 14

Valeriy Rakhlin, 82

Tuesday, November 14

Lila Silver, 94

Tuesday, November 14

Jacqueline Weintraub, 84

Tuesday, November 14

Lorraine Kingsbury, 88

Wednesday, October 18

Shirley Ladd, 93

Wednesday, October 18

Seymour Glantz, 93

Wednesday, October 18

It was almost sundown on Friday, March 7, 1986, when David Blumenfeld, a middle-aged New York rabbi, happened to be walking down David Street in the Old City of Jerusalem, returning home after a …
Letters to the Editor

The spectrum of antisemitism

Sunday, December 3

For years , most Jews have focused on neo-Nazi and similar groups as the greatest threat in the Diaspora. It has become clear that we now have a coalition of antisemitic and anti-Israel …

Suffering in Israel and Gaza

Sunday, December 3

Thanks so much for your coverage of the current, horrible situation in Israel and Gaza and of the local response in our Jewish community. As I write this note I am brokenhearted, as so many of …

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Moroccan donuts are a Hanukkah treat

Friday, December 1

I was never able to pronounce the name of this pastry correctly. Sfenj actually means “sponge,” and these are indeed spongy, springy and full of air bubbles. I learned this recipe from my friend and pastry chef Ruta ...

Other news
Providence College professor recounts a life full of political revelations

On Nov. 7, a strongly worded editorial appeared in the Boston Globe urging a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. “We recognize Israel’s right to defend itself,” read an oft-quoted …

The Alliance can help guide your charitable gifts

The holiday season is upon us. We know you’re busy. And the Jewish Alliance wants to help by making it easy for you to make donations, whether at the year’s end or any time throughout the …

Women’s Alliance members enjoyed a tasty fall meeting

PROVIDENCE – About 45 members of The Women’s Alliance attended its fall celebration, on Nov. 9, at Hope & Main’s Downtown Makers Marketplace. The event featured Lisa …

Amid the rubble, life goes on in Ukraine

Third of three parts In April, I returned to Ukraine for my third wartime visit. I flew into Warsaw, Poland, and took an overnight bus to Kyiv, where I rented a car. With guide Olena Oros, I …