About Bret Stephens

I was thrilled to hear that Bret Stephens would be speaking in Rhode Island. I was certainly present for the talk [on May 19].
He spoke beautifully and said all the things I have been saying and wanted other North American Jews to believe in and move forward with.
I have worked for the RI Jewish community for most of my career. State of Israel Bonds, Jewish Federation of RI and just retired as executive director of the Bornstein Holocaust Education Center which I was with for 16 years.
When he spoke of Jews adopting COURAGE, I said this man knows what he is talking about and what is needed.
At the Q&A, he was asked about the New York Times’s bias against Israel and Jews. I was impressed as to how he sidestepped the question. I thought his loyalty to his employer was admirable and impressive.
However, when I awoke, wow!!! I wondered how he was able to get paid and go around telling Jews to do something he was not willing to do. I cannot fathom where he gets his chutzpah. At least eight people have remarked to me about his hypocrisy.
I believe he is disrespectful of his audience, the Jewish people and Israel.
May-Ronny Zeidman
East Greenwich, RI