An update from Gilor Meshulam


In the beginning of July, I began a Jewish Agency course studying about aliyah, the Diaspora, private and collective Jewish identity and, of course, about American customs.

A few days after I began this course “Protective Edge” began. It was very tough concentrating in the course, knowing some of my soldiers and fellow officers I was working with only six months ago were in the combat zone. Eventually I was called to serve in the Gaza strip with the Comm Battalion 481. During my short reserve service I encountered bravery, love for the land and the people and most of all solidarity. I showed pictures from the Emergency Solidarity Rally held at the Jewish Alliance to my Colonel and some of the soldiers. They were amazed and said how incredible it was to see solidarity and support even across the ocean.

I feel my last few weeks in Israel were spent in the best possible way through serving in the army and learning about the wonderful community I will be living in. I look forward to meeting this community at the end of August when I begin serving as the shaliach, Israeli emissary.