What's it all about?


"Breaking the Glass" features couples who were raised in different religions from their partner, and the community leaders who are fighting for a place for these couples in religious and cultural communities. This first episode introduces you to the guests in this series and gives an overview of the obstacles they face. 

For multifaith couples, meeting the parents can be a nerve-wracking experience, but it’s also a chance to observe how religions and traditions diverge and overlap. In the second episode, "Breaking the News, Pt. 1," hear from couples and experts alike as they detail their experiences with partners’ families and with their own, sharing their happiness and the challenges they faced when their multifaith relationships started to get serious.

In the third episode, "Breaking the News, Pt. 2" surveys the institutional responses to multifaith marriage that have cast it into the corners of communal life for far too long.

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