Celebrating the launch of Jewish Rhody Media's new podcast series: 'Breaking the Glass'


PAWTUCKET – Nearly 100 people gathered Saturday night [Dec. 3] at Rhode Island Spirits to celebrate the launch of “Breaking the Glass,” an in-depth exploration of multifaith relationships produced and reported by Jewish Rhody Media’s Emma Newbery. The first three of six episodes were released Dec. 1. Three more episodes will be released every two weeks, beginning Dec. 15.

The podcast shares the personal stories of those involved in these relationships, including Newbery’s own family story. And those in attendance Saturday night learned that everyone is touched in some way by these interfaith relationships.

As Newbery said in an earlier interview, “In highlighting the voices of couples, faith leaders and community advocates for the inclusion of multifaith couples in religious life, our goal is to not only validate and share the experiences of our guests but also to break any silence or sense of taboo around the subject of multifaith relationships and family constellations.” 

Brian Sullivan, chief content officer, and Adam Greenman, president and CEO of the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island, were executive producers of the series. You can listen at jewishrhody.com/breaking-the-glass or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here is the link to the series: "Breaking the Glass."

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