Celebrating together


On June 18, 2022, family gathered again after several years of absence to share in the marriage of Emily Eisenstadt and Kyle Goodfellow in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Ida Bochner-Brown, holding Jewish Rhode Island, gathered all the first and second cousins to create a photo of the occasion.

Front row: Gail Bochner (Rhode Island), Ida Bochner-Brown (New Jersey), Donna Neufeld (Rhode Island), Emily Eisenstadt (bride) and Kyle Goodfellow (groom), Carl Eisenstadt and Terri Eisenstadt (parents of the bride) (South Carolina).

Second row:  Morris Bochner (Rhode Island), Tom Brown (New Jersey), Mark Eisenstadt (Florida), Melissa Eisenstadt (Florida), Debbie Rich (Rhode Island), Claudia Buckler (Virginia), Nancy Follender-Buckler (New Jersey), Debbi Eisenstadt (Florida) and Bob Talley (Florida).

Third row:  Curt Buckler (New Jersey), David Buckler (Virginia), Scott Buckler (New Jersey) and Keith Eisenstadt (Florida).

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