CEO of Big Blue Bug Solutions named 'Mensch of the Year'


On two occasions in October – once online and then in person – Brian Goldman, CEO of Big Blue Bug Solutions, in Providence, was awarded the Sy Dill Mensch of the Year Award by the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel. Goldman received the honor for his “important service to the community for displaying the ‘Stop Anti-Semitism’ banner on the Big Blue Bug.” The 22-foot-wide banner could be seen from interstate 95, in Providence, for four weeks in July and August.

The online presentation took place on Oct. 18 in a regional pro-Israel Zoom event co-sponsored by RICI, Christians and Jews United for Israel, and New Hampshire for Israel, before an audience of some 60 people.

The next day, the award was given to Goldman during a brief ceremony outside the offices of Big Blue Bug Solutions, and was recorded as a video, which is now available on the RICI website ( Goldman also received a copy of “The New Anti-Semites,” a groundbreaking study authored by and the Zachor Institute, which RICI distributes at no cost to interested leaders and community members.

Submitted by Rhode Island Coalition for Israel

RICI, Mensch of the Year