Coconut Camp Clusters (Macaroons)


If you went to Jewish camp, you might remember the thrill at mail time when you received a care package from your bubbe. Fast forward a few decades and now it’s your child (or grandchild) on the receiving end. You want his/her care package to include something more substantial than squirt cheese and gummy bears. Homemade macaroons for your camper to share will be a huge hit! Just be sure to check with the camp to see if it’s acceptable to send food.


2 1/4 cups of shredded/flaked coconut (sweet)

7 ounces sweetened condensed milk

1/3 cup flour

1/8 tsp salt

1 tbs vanilla extract


Mix together all ingredients and roll into balls. Cook on a pan on the top rack for 11-15 min at 350 degrees or until golden brown. Let cool. Package them in a foil- or parchment- lined box surrounded by air popped corn. Now your camper can enjoy two tasty treats!