Coming soon: The joys of summer


Remember when this time of year made you all tingly in anticipation?

School was ending.

Camp was starting.

You were another year closer to graduation.

A whole summer loomed large with nothing to do. No bedtime. No wake-up time.

I still find that late spring is a season of anticipation. And judging by recent conversations, I know that many of you do, too. No matter our age, we are still touched by the host of seasonal activities followed by summer’s more relaxed pace.

Children and grandchildren graduate, first from preschool, then grade school, and pretty soon from high school and college. While we may wonder where the years have gone, we still happily anticipate these milestones.  

Children go to summer camp – and sometimes adults do too. Many of us attend a camp reunion, as well as adult camps: maybe for jazz or dance or baseball. 

And then there’s the beach, the lake, the mountains, and an American favorite: the road trip. Some of us also look forward to gardening, something we’ve been anticipating since the dead of winter, when those colorful seed catalogs arrived in our inbox or mail.

Summer lets us focus our thoughts on our little corner of the world. No matter how difficult things seem around the globe – and there’s no denying the problems worldwide – in our little corner, summer is cause for celebration.

In the nonprofit world, this is the season of the annual meeting. I’m sure that causes a tingle of anticipation for all who are in positions of leadership at these nonprofits. For the editor of a small newspaper, it’s a slightly different type of anticipation. Sure, we at the Jewish Voice have to report on all those meetings, but we are anticipating a summer break, too: The last Voice before our summer break is June 23.

Now is the time to send us your news! Deadline is June 14. Time’s a-wasting. Don’t relax yet. We certainly aren’t!