Continuing the Conversation


Many of us have been thinking about how we should protect ourselves and our synagogues amid signs of increasing risk of deadly violence.

Many resources are available that touch all sides of this issue. The JTA news service has several articles that we found interesting; we’ve put them on our website ( for you to read.

“After Pittsburgh” talks about gun policies and the thinking behind those policies at congregations across the country.

“I Don’t Want To See Another Cop Car In My Synagogue” is one woman’s discussion about why she doesn’t want police to provide synagogue security.

Many were outraged when a Boston rabbi suggested his congregants consider bringing guns to services. At the same time, many agreed. But overall, most security experts are not recommending this.

Clearly, the question is complicated. And opinions are divided.

One thing we can agree on is that every congregation should take steps to heighten security. These articles and more should help facilitate a broader dialogue.