“Cook in Israel”


“Cook in Israel”

The Mediterranean Menu Ottolenghi Made Popular.  Recipes Anyone Can Make.

“‘Cook in Israel’ has earned a permanent spot in my kitchen."  thisamericanbite.com 

"... a masterful guide to Israeli cooking with its varied influences."

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Food lovers no longer have to visit the colorful markets of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv to enjoy the captivating tastes of a fresh Mediterranean menu. The new book “Cook in Israel” is packed with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes allowing everyone to bring the flavors and colors of Israeli food to their kitchen.

Drawing on her Jewish-Greek heritage and the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors of her Tel Aviv home, author Orly Ziv focuses on fresh flavors and simple techniques as suitable for weeknight meals as they are for entertaining. Orly has been offering popular cooking classes and culinary tours of Israel for years. This unique experience is now available to all in “Cook in Israel.”

Filled with 100 delicious recipes, each accompanied by a beautiful color photograph, including many step-by-step illustrations, the message of “Cook in Israel” is that healthy and appealing home cooking doesn't need to be time consuming or complicated. Using familiar and easy to find ingredients, readers learn to make gourmet meals simply and quickly. Orly explains that "Enjoying a Mediterranean diet is easier than many think. One can use typical ingredients in a new way and discover that simple changes lead to amazing results!" Most of the recipes require 30 minutes or less to prepare.

Recipes for all Jewish holidays are included and feature unique dishes as well as familiar favorites.

About the Author: A lifelong food lover, Orly Ziv worked for many years as a clinical nutritionist before launching her company Cook in Israel in 2009, where she offers culinary tours around Israel and intimate cooking classes in her home. Orly believes that one of the best ways to learn about a place and people is through the food they eat. Her background in nutrition combined with her strong passion for cooking and baking leaves readers with delicious Mediterranean meals that are healthy, flavorful and easy to prepare.

Title: Cook in Israel: Home Cooking Inspiration

Author: Orly Ziv ISBN:  978-9659207107

Hardcover, 245 Pages, $35.00