Creating sacred spaces in our homes


I found an article that really spoke to me at called “Making Our Home a Sanctuary,” by psychiatrist Yetta Krinsky. 

Dr. Krinsky wrote about the concept of sanctuary in space being fundamental to Judaism.

“We have been told that since the destruction of the Holy Temple, G-d’s presence rests within each of us and within every Jewish home,” she wrote. “How important it is, then, that our homes be true sanctuaries of light, warmth and peace: that we allow into them only people with whom we feel safe, and things which are congruent with the values we want to instill in our children.”

The article continues, “The Torah encourages us to ensure that our every action is congruent with our inner values, and that it will lead to a place of greater health and healing for us and for the whole world. We all have the inborn capacity to create such sacred spaces, to establish clear boundaries and to choose wisely. Indeed, by doing so we play our part in transforming this world into the true sanctuary our Creator intends it to be.” 

I recently moved, and I am so appreciating the concept of creating sacred spaces in our home.

During the process of moving, I was faced with looking at what I really love and has special meaning to me, and what I don’t need or use. It’s a tough process, but a healing one. I didn’t realize how attached I had become to my things, even when I didn’t use them.

As went through everything, I decided to offer things I really like but no longer use to friends who I knew would enjoy them and give them a new home.

I kept what I absolutely love and use on a regular basis, as well as those precious things with great memories. If it was beautiful but had a negative memory, I passed it on.

It was freeing to let go of so much, and having less clutter meant I could now see and appreciate the items I kept.

I also found old family pictures in storage, put them in frames and hung them on a wall where I can see them every day.  The photos speak to my family roots, heritage and values.

What we surround ourselves with speaks to our values. That includes what we have, see, appreciate and honor in our homes and in our gardens. I think making our home and office space a “sacred place” brings us home in our hearts.

PATRICIA RASKIN, owner of Raskin Resources Productions, is a media host, coach and award-winning radio producer and business owner. She is on the board of directors of Temple Emanu-El, in Providence. She is a recipient of the Providence Business News 2020 Leaders and Achievers award.

Patricia Raskin, Home and Garden