Easy, Delicious and gluten-free


The rising incidence of gluten sensitivity and intolerance in the American population, as well as a heightened focus on wellness and healthy eating, has created demand for easy-to-follow, delicious recipes and meal plans. In her new cookbook, “Gluten Free Goes Gourmet,” noted nutrition expert and consultant, Vicky Pearl, combines the healthfulness of gluten-free with gourmet tastes that happen to be Kosher.


Two-Tone Vegetable Kugel

It’s this simple to serve a nutritious gourmet side dish. The orange of the sweet potato layer contrasts beautifully with the deep green of the broccoli layer. This dish freezes well for up to 3 months.



2 large sweet potatoes

1-1/2 lbs frozen broccoli florets

2 large eggs

2-3 tbsp (heaping) mayonnaise, divided

2 tbsp potato starch, divided

2 tsp kosher salt, divided

1/8 tsp garlic powder

1/8 tsp onion powder



Preheat oven to 350°. Grease or line a 9-inch round or square baking pan or dish.

Peel and cut sweet potato into large chunks.

Place chunks in a large pot filled with water set over high heat.

Bring to boil. Add a pinch of salt.

Reduce heat; simmer, covered, for 20 minutes or until potatoes are soft. Drain potatoes; return to pot and mash with a potato masher.

Stir in one of the eggs, 1 tbsp of the mayonnaise, 1 tbsp of the potato starch and half of the salt, mixing well.

In a separate large pot, bring water to a rolling boil. Add a pinch of salt. Add broccoli and cook over high heat, uncovered, for 10 minutes.

Drain broccoli; return to the pot and mash with a potato masher.

Stir in remaining egg, 1 to 2 heaping tablespoons mayonnaise, remaining potato starch and salt, and garlic and onion powders. Mix well.

Spoon broccoli mixture evenly into bottom of prepared pan, smoothing surface. Top with sweet potato mixture, spreading evenly.

Bake in center of preheated oven for 1 hour or until the top is golden.

Yields 6 to 8 servings

NOTE: To create a third tier, boil 1-lb of chopped cauliflower (fresh or frozen) in lightly salted boiling water. Mash and add 1 egg, 1 heaping tbsp mayonnaise, a pinch of salt, and onion and garlic powders. Spread on top of broccoli layer. Bake as directed.


Roll Cake

This roll cake tastes as extravagant as it looks. The cream recipe makes enough icing for 1 1/2 cakes, so I like to double it and put away two-thirds for use later on.




1 cup (2 sticks) trans-fat-free margarine, room temperature

7 1/2 oz dark chocolate, coarsely chopped

2 large eggs

3/4 cup agave, xylitol, or sugar

1 tbsp coffee granules

2 2/3 tbsp water (2 tbsp + 2 tsp)


3 tbsp potato starch

2 tbsp brown rice flour

2 tbsp sweet rice flour

1/2 tbsp xanthan gum

7 large eggs, separated

6 tbsp xylitol or granulated sugar



For the Cream

In a saucepan set over low heat, melt margarine and chocolate together.

In a bowl using an immersion blender or in the bowl of an electric mixer, beat together eggs, agave, melted chocolate, coffee granules and water. Cover and refrigerate cream for 2 to 3 hours or until firm enough to spread or for up to 2 days. If you are using agave, you may need to freeze cream for at least 4 hours or overnight to achieve a spreadable consistency.


For the Cake

Preheat oven to 350°. Line a 15x10-inch baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside.

In a bowl, stir together potato starch, rice flours and xanthan gum. Set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat egg whites until stiff peaks form. Gradually add xylitol.

Reduce speed to medium-low. Add egg yolks.

Add dry ingredients, mixing until well-combined.

Pour batter onto prepared baking sheet, spreading evenly.

Bake in center of preheated oven for 16 minutes or until well-baked and slightly golden.

Remove from oven and immediately invert cake onto a clean dish towel. Carefully peel off parchment paper and roll up cake, jelly-roll style.

Let cake cool completely, 15 to 20 minutes.



Gently unroll cooled cake.

Using a spatula, spread one-third of cream over entire surface.

Roll it back up, jelly-roll style.

Cut off 1/4 inch from both ends to trim cake; reserve or eat quietly!

Frost surface of cake with another third of cream, freezing remaining third for another use. Chill before serving.

Yields 12 servings