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Ein Kanaf


If you travel to the Golan Heights, be sure you don’t miss a short visit to Ein Kanaf. 

What? It is a natural spring in Moshav Kanaf. The spring serves as a memorial to fallen veterans of the Second Lebanon War. This spring overlooks the Sea of Galilee one of the best views in Israel!

When? All year.

Where? Located in the southern Golan Heights, you can put the name in Waze: עין כנף

What else? At the Moshav there is an ancient synagogue from Talmud Period. This synagogue destroyed by an earthquake in 749 and discovered at the beginning of 19th century.

Why?  As a commander in the Israeli Navy I tried to bring my crew to a place they might not have visited. When we had day off (once a year), I chose some place in Israel that connected us. Once, I took them to Ein Kanaf and we slept overnight under the sky next to the spring.  For me this place is amazing connection between our tradition as Jews and modern history of Israel. It connects past and present. It a place to take a rest, cook coffee or tea and look over beautiful Israel.

Beginning this month, Or Cohen, community shlichah, will offer a travel tip to Jewish Rhode Island readers.

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