Emergency relief campaign helping community in need


The Emergency Relief and Recovery Campaign has raised close to $200,000 (as of press time) to benefit members of the community who find themselves in need of assistance in these challenging times. More than 200 gifts have come in to support the efforts to provide for immediate and long-term needs such as assistance with food, utilities, rent and other essential items.  The Alliance is working with community partners to  distribute the funds raised to benefit individuals and families in the community. 

 The campaign, co-chaired by Amanda Isenberg and Rich Glucksman, has a goal of $250,000, which will help meet needs for many months to come. Isenberg said, “I became involved with the campaign because the effects of COVID-19 on our community are enormous. People have been impacted socially, emotionally and financially. I wanted to do my part to help raise money and support people whose lives have been changed. My hope is that the money we have raised will make a difference to those in need and help support our community during this time.”

 A gift of any amount will help meet the goals and continue this important work. To make a donation, go to  www.jewishallianceri.org/emergency-fund/

If you are in need of assistance, please contact Jewish Collaborative Services at 401-331-1244 (all calls are confidential).

SARA MASRI is chief development officer at the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.