Episode 5: Breaking the Mold

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Originally published Dec. 29, 2022.  

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but sometimes it rolls down the hill and onto a path entirely its own. In this episode, couples, experts and faith leaders discuss the experiences of their children and of their own childhoods. Breaking the Mold is a constellation of stories about what shapes us into the people we are and informs the choices we make, and how we can best make those choices for the next generation to be open, caring and motivated to be true to themselves.  


Links and References:   

Read Rabbi Handlarski’s book: The A—Z of Intermarriage  

Learn more about her virtual synagogue space: http://secularsynagogue.org/  

Read Ed Case’s book: Radical Inclusion: Engaging Interfaith Families for a Thriving Jewish Future   

Learn more about the Center for Radically Inclusive Judaism https://www.cfrij.com/  

Check out Imam Imaad Sayeed’s organization:  The London Nikah 


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