Evening of Jewish Renaissance returns in November


Where can you hear speakers such as Martin Fletcher, Barry Joseph, Catherine Price, Jonathan Weisman and Liraz Cohen Mordechai all in one place in the same evening?

The always popular Evening of Jewish Renaissance returns to the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center in Providence on Saturday evening, Nov. 17. Sponsored by the Judge Marjorie Yashar and Dr. James Yashar Fund at the Jewish Federation Foundation, the event offers a couple of hours of adult learning along with socializing.

Presenters always speak on a diverse set of topics, and this year is no different. Fletcher, of NBC, has written a novel about Israel, “The Promised Land.” Joseph wrote “Seltzertopia” about the drink. Price wrote “How to Break Up with Your Phone,” about moderating screen time. And Weisman, of the New York Times, wrote “(((Semitism))): Being Jewish in American in the Age of Trump.”

The evening also features Cohen Mordechai, a fashion lecturer and New York City fashion blogger, who will discuss Israeli fashion in “The History of Israeli Fashion – From the Kibbutz to the City.” She will present milestones in Israel’s story in two “layers”: history and fashion. During the session, participants will discover how significant events have influenced the creation of a new “Israeli outfit” time and time again.

Her topics include: Immigrants’ influences on Israeli fashion in Israel’s first days; wars’ effects on the Israeli outfit; feminism and equality in the kibbutz and its impact on clothes; Tel Aviv Fashion Week; Israeli fashion and technology; what’s next for Israeli fashion?

Cohen Mordechai, who makes presentations across North America, knows what she’s talking about. She has a master’s degree in global fashion management from the Fashion Institute of Technology.

She founded Fashionating by Liri Inc. and was on the staff at Duke University. She was ZARA Israel’s training and development department manager, responsible for the fashion, leadership and educational trainings for 1,700 employees in over 50 stores.

The free Evening of Jewish Renaissance starts at 7.

For more information, contact Larry Katz, director of Jewish Life and Living, at lkatz@jewishallianceri.org or 401-421-4111.