Everything about little Rhody


In Israel, there are numerous Facebook groups that I use to get information quickly. I was once in the shuk (marketplace) and looking for a very specific product. I posted on a Facebook group and in less than 5 minutes knew exactly where to find the product I was looking for.

I've decided to create such a group for Rhode Island called "Rhode Island FAQ." This will provide people with a quick and easy way to get information about things around Rhode Island, such as where to get a hard-to-find product, suggestions about what to do with your family on the weekends or get important information such as local vaccine distribution.

People in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas will be able to ask and answer questions about all things Rhode Island, as well as promote local businesses and products, which is especially important during this difficult time.

The groups in Israel range in membership from 80,000 to 300,000+ people. Israel currently has the highest worldwide vaccination rate and groups such as these have helped with the dissemination of crucial vaccine information.

For this to work in Rhode Island, the key is building a group with a large number of people. We all become each other’s eyes and ears in Rhode Island. As this is a new group, please invite others to join. More group members means a higher likelihood of getting the answers you need and/or the ability to promote your business or product to a wider audience.

Join at www.facebook.com/groups/169360208299849 or look for "Rhode Island FAQ" on Facebook.

Daniel Stieglitz

Providence native now living in Jerusalem