Evgeniya Zarankina, 90


PAWTUCKET, R.I. – Evgeniya Zarankina passed away suddenly on April 27. She was born on August 23, 1929, in Artemovsk, Ukraine, and lived there with her parents until World War II began. Her father Judah Pesin was a shoemaker, mother Sarah Pesina was a housewife. In 1941 Evgeniya, her mother, younger brother Oleg and thousands of others fled the advancing Nazi troops, and after months of difficult wandering reached Uzbekistan. They suffered from hunger and cold in terrible conditions for years. At the end of the war her father found them and brought them to Khimki, where his artillery battery was protecting Moscow from Nazi air raids.

In Khimki, Evgeniya graduated from the Institute of Culture. She met Fim Zarankin and married him in 1952, and gave birth to a charming daughter Irina. Evgeniya and Fim worked and lived in Khimki until retirement. Evgeniya worked at the library and later as a bookstore manager.

In 1995, Evgeniya and Fim immigrated to Pawtucket. She was so happy to hug her daughter, son-in-law and grandson again! After learning English and passing the citizenship exam, Evgeniya proudly became an American citizen. Her professional knowledge came in handy as she volunteered at Rochambeau Library's Russian department. Evgeniya and Fim traveled around America a lot. She loved this country that gave her so much! She found a kind word, wise advice, heartfelt warmth and moral support for everyone. She was always positive and looked on the bright side. She read a lot, knew literature and poetry well, cooked perfectly and shared delicious food generously. The family is deeply saddened by her death. She will always be missed and forever remain in our hearts as a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother and friend. She leaves her husband Fim, daughter Irina, son-in-law Boris and grandson Alexander.

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