Family heroes


The Jewish Voice put out a call to the community asking for stories describing family heroes. Adam Tilove, head of school at the Jewish Community Day School, asked his students to respond. Excerpts of their family hero stories follow:

Eliora Woods, 9 – I was getting on a chairlift when I stumbled and fell (already 40 feet in the air). I grabbed my cousin’s poles and my grandpa grabbed me. I spent the rest of the day in the lodge drinking hot coco and thinking about how brave my grandpa had been. All in all, I am very lucky to have him in my life.

Tomer Raz, 9 – I look up to my parents for many reasons.

They have raised me for the past nine years and they have never forgotten me. Meaning almost everything they do is for me, my brother or my sister. This is one reason that they have earned the title of a hero.

They tell stories from when they were still kids like us. When terrible things happened when they were little, they tell that stuff to us. It makes a great laugh, like when someone broke an arm and then they ran to the hospital.

My parents are very friendly and humorous. They rarely fight and that makes anywhere that we go a friendly environment. They stay calm when we do something wrong but they make sure to tell us.

My parents are almost always willing to do things with us that we want. Spending time with them is one of the most fun things to do.

Tamar Weil, 10 – I admire my parents for many reasons. First of all, they work hard at their jobs but still manage to be amazing parents. They spend a lot of time with my brothers and me, and still get all of their work done.

Second, they have gone through hard times, and they have overcome their troubles and succeeded. Third, they give to a lot of charities. Finally, they are just great people in so many ways! They give charity, are kind, loving, cheery, caring, funny and amazing. When I grow up, I want to follow in their footsteps and be as great a parent to my children as they have been to me!

Abby Tyrrell, 9 – My hero is my soccer coach for many reasons. One reason is he took 10 girls and made them into a team that works together and is as strong as any boys’ team. He taught us how to look up and yell each other’s names. He also believes that girls are good athletes and that is inspiring to all girls. My last reason is that he is a kind person who makes soccer fun. I have improved so much and I look forward to playing for him. He is my hero.

Jordan Woda, 9 1/2 – My hero is my younger brother Elias. I do not know what I would do without a sibling. Sometimes in life I get frustrated with him, but I love him no matter what. Without him it would be a lonely life because in life, having a child about your age to play with is the best thing of all.

First, he helps me when I’m sick. When I need something that I can’t get or even when I don’t ask him to do something for me, he does it anyways. He keeps me company when I am feeling under the weather.

Next, he plays with me. We play Wii, Legos, and sometimes I read him a book. We do many things together. All in all, my brother is my hero for several reasons.

Max Schwartz, 10 – My family hero is my Nanny because she was always there for me. She would always ask me if I was alright and if I needed something and that made her a good friend and a good relative. She might have been my sister’s hero, too.

My Nanny died when I was a little boy. I was very sad to hear what had happened. She died in her sleep but I don’t know what she died from. She was the best Nanny I could ever have.

Micah Levanos, 10 1/2 – My dad is my family hero. My dad is my family hero because he introduced me to sports. Without sports, I would not have as many friends as I do right now. One of the moments I remember with my dad is playing catch with a baseball. That meant so much to me because that’s when I started to love playing sports and playing Tee ball.

My dad also introduced me to my favorite sport which is soccer. I remember my dad used to take me a lot to the JCC field and we would play with the soccer ball. Later on, I started to play in the East Side Soccer League. Also, my dad introduced my sister, my brother and me to tennis. When we played tennis, it was so fun we would laugh, play and run around and learn how to play the sport. This is why my dad is my family hero.

Reese Sock, 10 – My family heroes are my mom and dad because they are always there for me when I am sad, when I am sick, or when I just need someone. When I am in the water or on the field they are always at my side. These are some of the reasons that my mom and dad are my family heroes.

Jodd Sheer, 10 – My hero is my great grandfather for many reasons. My Dad tells me stories about him. He says that he was nice and very friendly and very funny. Once in a while, my dad will bring him up and I wish that I would meet him. He was tall and I can still remember a story when he was alive that my great grandmother said that he had a heavy foot meaning that he drove fast. All in all, he is my hero for many wonderful reasons.