Financial incentive offered to Jewish families to move to Providence


You may have seen a well-designed flyer circulating online recently with this message: Move with your friends and family to Jewish Providence.

The flyer features colorful photos of young families, which is meant to attract other families to apply for a $50,000 subsidy toward housing, along with free first-year tuition at Providence Hebrew Day School.

Those who are interested are referred to, a website with everything you need to know about the Orthodox community in Providence and Pawtucket.

According to Beth Abrahim, who serves on the recruitment committee for this initiative, the point of the program is to attract young families and young professionals to the community. She said 15 families have left the community in the last year.

Housing in Providence is expensive, and the hope is that the subsidy will make moving to the area more attractive. Those who are chosen for the program are asked to make a six-year commitment to living in Providence

“We hope people will spread the word,” she said.

Fran Ostendorf, Editor