Get Pumped For Passover!

  1. This year Passover starts at sundown on Friday April 15. Don’t forget to grab some matzah, maror, and wine. Manischewitz is the way to go! The seder is held this night.
  2. Passover is the yearly commemoration of the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt, traditionally passed down from parent to child. If you can spend the holiday with family, even better.
  3. Can you guess how many generations (grandparent to grandchild) there are between the Exodus (Moses) and us? About 44. Not as many as you thought! Celebrate together with your grandparents and be part of the chain.
  4. Let’s keep the seder fun and focused! Treats for our kids when they participate always works wonders.
  5. Some have a custom to act out parts of the story, like walking around the table with matzah on their backs, just like the Jews leaving Egypt.
  6. Starting from the youngest (and usually the shy-est) ask the Ma Nishtana (4 questions). Even better, can anyone think of some answers?
  7. “If G-d hasn’t taken us out of Egypt we would still be slaves to Pharaoh.” What do you think that would mean for us in 2022?
  8. Don’t forget the four sons. Which one do you connect with?
  9. Discuss the 10 plagues! Imagine what it was like to be a Jew in Egypt at that time.
  10. Do you remember just eating macaroons and borscht on Passover? Check out your local grocery for hundreds of Kosher for Passover products.

Not pumped for Passover? Let’s talk. Email me at, or check out for more Passover information.

RABBI ELI KASIRER is a rabbi with Project Shoresh of Rhode Island.