Givat HaTurmusim


This time in March is the best time to see the colorful flowers around Israel. If you wish to catch a blue and purple field March is the place and time

What? Givat HaTurmusim, or “Hill of the Lupines.” In late March, the entire hill is covered with wild blue mountain lupines (Lupinus pilosus) and becomes a popular destination for Israeli families. The hill is surrounded by precipitous slopes on its north side, making it almost impassable. Trails ascend the mountain on its northwestern and southeastern sides.

When? The best time is March-April.

Where? Located in the Elah Valley in the Judea area.

What else? Givat HaTurmusim is known also as Tel Sokho. There are archeological excavations going on here as it is a place that was mentioned in the Bible.

Why?  My grandmother lives in this area. As a kid, I remember that every Shabbat when we went to visit my grandmother we hiked after kiddush with a flower book, trying to count as many flowers as we could. For me, this place symbolizes the real nature in Israel. Real and close to home.

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