Government officials add insult to injury


The horrific massacre that took place at a synagogue in Pittsburgh was made worse by two of the highest officials in the US government.  President Trump initially responded by saying that perhaps if they had an armed guard, the scenario might have been different.  Not a word of condolence was issued in that statement.  Then, the next day he said he thought that perhaps some of the Jewish people were staging anti-Semitic acts to make him look bad – the exact same statement issued by David Duke.

The next day, Vice President Pence held a prayer meeting and had a “Christian Rabbi” (aka clergyman of the “Jews for Jesus”) officiate.  Mr. Pence had to have known that while some Jewish people have gone astray, Jewish people don’t believe in Jesus.  This was a slap in the face to the Jewish people. The implications are frightening. Both men have denigrated the beliefs of the Jewish people by their deplorable behavior.

During WWII, we fought the Nazis.  Now, I fear we may need to fight them again. But this time they are hidden amongst us. When the two highest elected government officials in the country act as they did, there should be a huge backlash – an outpouring of condemnation by the Jewish people.  If we don’t do this now, in the future, it may be too late.  We must do  more than simply utter the phrase, “Never Again!”.

Bob Schoenberg

Cranston, RI