Hadassah memories


I read the wonderful article on Pawtucket Hadassah by Judy Silverman and Karen Beraha in the May issue of Jewish Rhode Island. As a past president of the Pawtucket chapter of Hadassah, along with Roz Bolusky and Ruth Goldstein, this brought back very good memories. The women involved with the chapter were dynamic and motivated which would transcend in today’s world as: “power women.” Meetings were well run, educational, with friendship, good discussions, connecting to health, Israel and community. They had everything.

As for the gift wrapping, it was a cooperative effort. However, I want to focus on Sara Cokin. If Sara were alive today, she could be president of a corporation. Norm Rousell, advertising business owner, once said to me, “you can't say no to Sara.” She was an incredible fundraiser and recruiter. Believe me, I am not a gift wrapper, but Sara guilted me into gift wrapping and after my first package wrapping, we decided it would be better if I cut the ribbons. A hearty thank you to all those women who deserve to be celebrated.

Miriam R. Plitt

Pawtucket, RI