Hanukkah Helper Prep Class


Chef Georgina Saprong, Shelley Feinstein, Kit Haspel holding baby Schrag and Denise Josephs /Kara MarzialiUnder the expert supervision of Chef Georgina Saprong, attendees made (and ate!) delicious latkes at the Mothers Circle Hanukkah Helper Holiday Prep class.

The class, developed by Jewish Alliance Interfaith Outreach Director Kit Haspel, was an evening of Hanukkah learning and preparing that included discussion, singing, lighting candles, dreidel playing, and making (and eating!) latkes.

For more information on interfaith outreach or on any Mothers Circle program or event, contact Katherine (Kit) Haspel, Director of Interfaith Outreach at khaspel@jewishalliance.org or 421-4111, ext 184.