Help for households struggling to afford healthy food

Recent spikes in food costs have left many more households wondering how they will be able to make ends meet. Jewish Collaborative Services’ Kosher food pantry, called The Full Plate, is here to help those across the state who are struggling more than ever to afford healthy food for their families. We know that not all Jewish families live in or near Providence where the JCS Kosher food pantry is located, so we have decided to take our pantry on the road.
A new initiative called Pantry Pop-Up will allow us to take our pantry products, including fresh produce, frozen chicken, and common household items (laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, etc.), and more, to various locations throughout Rhode Island. We aim to create a warm, welcoming environment filled with support so that we can lift people’s moods as we fill their grocery bags. Help us to spread the word as we aim to increase food security for those who may not have needed assistance before, but do now.
If you would like more information or to request a Pop-Up for your community, please contact Katie Giardino, JCS Clinical Case Manager, at or 401-331-1244
If you are interested in volunteering with The Full Plate Kosher Food Pantry you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at
Submitted by Jewish Collaborative Services