Impressive response to bomb threat


To the staff and teachers of the Alliance Day Care Center:

As a neighbor of the Alliance, I unfortunately was witness to the evacuation that you all suffered through because of the bomb threat that you received yesterday [Feb. 27]. I can only imagine the sense of fear, panic and urgency that you all felt as you left the building. I was amazed to see the calm and loving way that you handled the children in your care, despite the turmoil that you most certainly felt inside. The kids were safe, their hands were held, there were eyes on them at all times. You spoke in soft gentle voices, sang songs with them and even tried to laugh. Certainly none of the kids experienced fear, because of the way that you handled them. In a world of violence and hate, you showed the opposite to these children. I was so impressed with all of  you. The true nature of people is often evident during times and of adversity, and you all glowed!

 May we all live in peace together,

Chana Twersky

Providence, RI