Israeli diplomat sees ‘an optimistic future ahead’  

Daniel Agranov, Israel’s deputy consul general to New England, says the signing of the Abraham Accords was “groundbreaking” and that we should be very optimistic about what’s to come for Israel and the Middle East.

“We can almost surely say that the conflict between Israel and the Arab world, as a whole, is ended,” Agranov stated in a Zoom talk on Oct. 28 hosted by Temple Beth-El, in Providence, and led by Rabbi Sarah Mack.

“It’s a totally different atmosphere of relationship” now, Agranov said. “The creative energy in the rooms, the negotiations, is so crazy that … there are attempts to get more and more and more new deals, and more and more new agreements.”

The Abraham Accords is a statement signed on Aug. 13 establishing a full diplomatic relationship between the United Arab Emirates and Israel. The Abraham Accords have since led to 20 new agreements between the two nations.   

“There’s a real attempt at normalization between us in those countries, and I really think it’s changing the paradigm in the Middle East,” Agranov said.

He believes that peace is also achievable with the Palestinians, especially if they are not pressured by outside forces, such as other nations. 

“Because we are living there, we know each other, and we know how the agreement can look like,” he said.

Agranov said he is hopeful that the Abraham Accords will spur other nations to normalize relations with Israel.

“They [Israelis] have a lot to give to them, and they have a lot to give to us,” he said. “I hope when we speak, like, in a year from now, I won’t have to eat my hat because it was just our hopes ... but it looks like it’s something different.”

Agranov has worked for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 2008. He previously served in embassies and consulates in Europe, Asia and Africa.

SETH CHITWOOD ( is a freelance writer from Barrington. He recently graduated from the American Film Institute with a master’s degree in screenwriting. He is also the creative director of the Angelwood Pictures production company.