Israeli olive oil is flowing to R.I. from adopted trees


Israeli olive oil experts believe that this year’s harvest will yield superb oil since the weather has been great for olive trees in Israel. Through the My Tree in Israel program, Rhode Islanders can adopt a tree and get their own private-label olive oil in time for Hanukkah – the holiday that celebrates the miracle of the olive oil.

Bottles of cold-pressed extra-virgin Israeli olive oil, with your personal label on them, can enhance your own cooking and make great gifts. In addition, you will be helping Israeli farmers maintain their groves, and will build your personal connection to Israel.

The olive grove for the My Tree in Israel program is near the Jezreel Valley, just a few kilometers west of Afula.

When someone adopts a tree, a farmer takes care of it and cultivates it year-round. The olives are harvested in November, and high-quality Kosher extra-virgin boutique olive oil is produced. Six bottles are produced per tree, and the labels can be personalized in whatever manner the sponsor chooses, for a truly unique and personalized product.

Kobi Asaf, who founded My Tree in Israel, envisioned it as a way for people from around the world to connect with Israel in a personal way as well as to promote and support Israeli farmers.

Adoptions through the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island ensure that the tree is located in Afula-Gilboa, the Alliance’s partnership area in Israel. A portion of the fees supports the Alliance’s annual campaign and is tax deductible.

And yes, you may visit your tree in Israel! And, to further personalize the tree, you can obtain a dedication plaque for the tree, or trees, you adopt.

Trees have already been adopted by people throughout North America, Europe and Africa. Act quickly to ensure your own brand of olive oil from this year’s harvest!

Adopting an olive tree, and receiving six 750 ml bottles of its olive oil with your own private label, costs $250. A trio of such bottles, also with your own private label, costs $160. Bottles will be delivered to the Dwares Jewish Community Center in Providence for pick up unless you wish to pay a small shipping fee to receive them directly at any address.

More information about adopting a tree is available at or by contacting Larry Katz at

LARRY KATZ ( is the director of Jewish life and learning at the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island.

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